FGP Committee

The committees terms of reference include:

  • The preparation of annual estimates of income and expenditure
  • Drawing up and reviewing all council policies including Standing Orders and Financial Regulations
  • Regulation and control of council finances and accounting regulations
  • Consideration of matters arising form the reports of the internal and external auditors
  • Approval of schedules of payments
  • Risk management
  • Review of insurance cover
  • Approval of virement applications from committees
  • Town twinning
  • Recommendation/approval of Section 137 payments
  • Delegated power to produce and manage the council newsletter, website, webcam and all publicity and press releases

This is only a summary of the powers of the committee

It meets on the third Thursday in the month and at other times if required by the chair

The committee comprises 8 members including the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, chairs of all the other committees and sufficient other members drawn from the council

The current members of the committee are:

Cllr Lee Bartrop
Cllr Alan Biggs (vice-chair)
Cllr Lea Deely
Cllr Brian Dixon

Cllr Peter Kelly

Cllr Heather Partridge

Cllr Frank Partridge

Cllr Peter Moores (chair)