Recreation Committee

The committees terms of reference include:

  • The improvement, maintenance and management of all open spaces, grounds and play areas owned and managed by the Town Council
  • The monitoring, improvement and management of the Parkhouse Centre
  • The monitoring and management of war memorials within the Town Council area – currently Shalder Hill and Stratton
  • The provision, management and maintenance of Town Council noticeboards
  • The provision, management and maintenance of Town Council owned festive lighting with the area
  • The provision, management and maintenance of public seats, litter bins and dog bins provided and owned by the Town Council

The committee has approved a Stewardship Agreement for the 30 acre Stamford Hill Battlefield site and overseen the refurbishment of the Bencoolen Play area known as ‘Katy’s Corner’. Currently the committee is overseeing negotiations between BSTC and the district council to undertake, on the districts behalf, various services in Bude, Stratton and Poughill such as horticulture and grass cutting.

It meets approximately every 2 months and at other times if required by the chair

The current members of the committee are:


Cllr Alan Biggs
Cllr Paul Curtis
Cllr Lea Deely
Cllr Simon Jones
Cllr Frank Partridge
Cllr Norman Tucker