Staffing Committee

The councillors who serve on the Staffing Committee should have some HR experience and be willing to commit to undertake employment law training as soon as they are elected to the committee

The committees terms of reference include:

  • To review and implement all employment policies in consultation with members of staff
  • To maintain the staffing levels necessary to efficiently discharge the work required by the Council and to review the workloads periodically and report any recommendations for change to the full Council
  • To review job descriptions, person specifications, staff establishment (including promotion, re-grading, redundancies and fixed term contracts) and to approve contracts of employment
  • To maintain confidentiality over all staffing matters as required under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Code of Conduct
  • To deal with all matters relating to councillor/staff conduct
  • To consider and implement any changes which are required to comply with Employment Law, Health and Safety law and Terms and Conditions of Service as laid down by the National Joint Council (Green Book) and recommended by the National Association of Local Councils and Society of Local Council Clerks
  • In the event of disciplinary or grievance matters being raised the committee will elect a Disciplinary and Grievance Panel comprising three panel members (from within the Staffing Committee) with three members (from within the Staffing Committee) acting as the Appeal Panel if necessary.
  • Carrying out an annual review of the on Council’s employment policies, making recommendations to full Council for any alterations/amendments
  • To prepare and submit to the F&GP Committee budget proposals in respect of salaries and training for all staff not later than 30 November each year
  • All aspects of Health and Safety that fall within the remit of the committee

The committee meets as and when needed.

The current members of the committee are: