Booking conditions



The Parkhouse Centre has a ‘No Animals’ except guide dogs policy


1. The Council reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time, should circumstances demand. In event of this happening, the Council will accept no liability for any subsequent loss to the hirer.
2.Rooms must be booked in advance and a booking form must be completed and received prior to the booking date.
3.The person taking responsibility for the hire of Hall/rooms for under 18 parties and events must be 25 or over. Any activities involving under 18,s must have at least 2 adults present throughout the event.
4.Hire of the Hall Kitchen – Part use constitutes use of facilities in the kitchen except the cooker and ban-marie. Full use constitutes use of all facilities in the kitchen.
5.All activities must cease at the end of each given session time.
6.Theatre Lighting may only be used if a qualified operator is engaged (at their own cost) by the hirer.
7.The Hirer must nominate a competent person to take charge in case of Fire, to ensure that all persons can escape unimpeded through the Fire Exits and to assemble in the nominated assembly area (grassed area across road opposite front of the Parkhouse Centre). Fire Doors MUST remain unobstructed during a let.
8.Hirers using the hall for theatre use must ensure that all scenery, decorations, drapery, curtains and similar hangings on or about the stage shall flame retardant materials.
9.The hirer shall be, for the hire period, responsible for all damage to or loss from the Hall/Rooms booked for parties and events including the contents owned by the Council. A £300.00 cash deposit is required for these bookings.
Hirers are reminded of their responsibility for arranging adequate Public Liability Insurance if required.
The Council does not accept liability for loss of or damage to property owned by, in the custody or in the control of the hirer, however so caused. Property is left in the Parkhouse Centre at the hirer’s risk.
The use of kettles, heaters or other such portable electrical appliances in the Hall/rooms is strictly prohibited, any other portable appliances eg lamps must have a valid PAT label, the Council will not be held liable for any accident involving such an appliance, nor for any damage caused to the electrical wiring or fuses in the building which may be attributed to the use of such appliances. Any such damage shall be charged to the hirer.
Hirers are not permitted to put up posters etc, on the walls using blutac, sellotape or the equivalent.
Hirers of the kitchen must be aware of food hygiene/cross contamination issues. A copy of the SFBB folder can be found in the main hall kitchen and hirers are advised to read/use this where appropriate.
A charge shall be made for any damage/breakages/loss to Council property.
The use of bouncy castles (or similar) or indoor fireworks is strictly prohibited.
The hirer must leave the building as clean and tidy as it is found; all relevant items returned to the kitchen. An additional charge will be made for any unreasonable cleaning required.
18. Alcohol/Bar Facility
18a. No alcohol shall be consumed on the premises without the consent of an officer of the Council. 18b. A bar facility is available in the Ivor Potter Hall with the prior consent of an officer of the Council for all relevant information regarding booking the bar please call the Bude Stratton Town Council offices – 01288 353576.
18c. No alcohol is permitted at an under 18’s functions.
19. Sub letting any of the rooms at the Parkhouse Centre is strictly forbidden.
20. Any noise or disturbance that is considered to constitute a nuisance to neighbours or other users is strictly forbidden. In event of this continuing after an official warning has been given the hirer will be asked to vacate the building.
21. Setting up and Caretaking
21a. Standard setup for rooms 1& 4 – 8 small tables and 40 chairs; for 2/3 – 12 small tables & 60 chairs. If any other arrangement is required a setting up charge will be made as per current price list. If hirers wish to remove items from the standard setting of the room this may be done under the supervision of the caretaker. If the hirers lay out the room themselves the room must be returned to its ‘as found’ state at the end of the session, if not a setup charge will be made.
21b. If setup is required in the main hall this must be undertaken by the caretaker and will be charged as per the current price list, no alterations to setup are to be made by the user.
22. The Caretaker is only required to be on the premises for the first 30mins of each session. The duty caretaker can be reached on 07970 525430
23. The Ivor Hall & Parkhouse Centre will be closed from lunchtime Christmas Eve until 2nd January each year.

The Council reserves the right to refuse any bookings if any of these conditions are not observed.
The Town Clerk’s decision is final.

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