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Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Committee Terms of Reference

Standing Orders regulate the proceedings and business of the Council. The ones adopted by Bude-Stratton Town Council are based upon a model set of Standing Orders produced by the National Association of Local Councils. Those required by law are included together with other which have been adapted to meet the specific needs of BSTC e.g. to regulate the quorum required, order of business etc

The Towns Councils Standing Orders also include the Financial Regulations adopted by the Council. The legislation which underpins the current financial regulations and provides a detailed framework that councils must follow is the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003

The Committee ‘Terms of Reference’ set out the powers and areas of interest of each of the committees of the Council. Some powers are devolved to individual committees and the ‘Terms of Reference’ specify what these powers are

The Standing Orders are reviewed on a regular basis by the Finance, Staffing & General Purposes Committee

Publication Scheme

In accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the Town Council has adopted a publication scheme. The scheme specifies the core classes of information which Bude-Stratton Town Council publishes and which is available to the public

In some cases information is excluded from publication by virtue of it being personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998

In certain classes a limitation on the age of some documents has also been stipulated.  For the avoidance of doubt this does not mean information beyond that date cannot be obtained, it simply indicates that it is not available as a matter of course within the publication scheme

Investment Policy

From time to time Bude-Stratton Town Council may have surplus funds in its bank account. It is important that these funds are invested properly, with full recognition of the Town Council’s responsibility to the Council Tax payer, and with regard to the priority for security and liquidity of those investments

The Town Council is required by the Local Government Act 2003 to have in place an Investment Policy.
The policy must be approved by the Town Council, but may be varied from time to time as circumstances alter

This document sets out the Town Council’s policy for managing any investments that it makes

Complaints Procedure 2008

The procedure to follow if you wish to make a complaint about the Council, the standard of service received from the Council or from a person acting on behalf of the Council

Child Protection Policy 2011

Equal Opportunities Policy 2011

BSTC (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2012

Travelling and Subsistence Payments Policy 2007

Anti Fruad & Corruption Policy 2010