Annual Town Meeting 30 April 2024

Annual Town Meeting 30 April 2024

Bude-Stratton Town Council cordially invites you to attend the Annual Town Meeting. This important assembly will be held at Room 1, Parkhouse Centre on the 30th of April 2024, commencing at 6:00 PM.

View the Agenda HERE.

What is an Annual Town Meeting and why should I attend?

By law, every Town Council in England, including Bude-Stratton, must hold an Annual Town Meeting. This meeting occurs once a year, between 1st March and 1st June. It’s a vital opportunity for our community to gather, discuss local issues and communicate directly with our council members.

How is the Annual Town Meeting different from regular council meetings?

It’s important to emphasise that this event isn’t just another council meeting; it’s a community-wide assembly where residents can voice their opinions, concerns and suggestions directly to their elected representatives.

What topics are discussed at the Annual Town Meeting?

During the Annual Town Meeting, residents can expect updates on various local issues, projects and initiatives. Additionally, it serves as a platform for discussing matters of importance to the community, such as upcoming developments, infrastructure improvements and service provision.

Who can participate in the Annual Town Meeting?

The Annual Town Meeting is inclusive, welcoming participation from all electors of the parish. It’s a vital opportunity for these local voters to engage with the democratic process by voicing opinions, contributing to decision-making and holding elected representatives accountable. This meeting ensures that those registered to vote in the parish have a direct line to influence community affairs and local governance.

What opportunities does the Annual Town Meeting offer for community engagement?

Attending the Annual Town Meeting allows residents to stay informed about local affairs, connect with fellow community members and ensure their voices are heard on matters that directly affect them.

What are the benefits of attending the Annual Town Meeting?

It’s an essential event for fostering transparency, accountability and civic engagement within our community. Your presence matters and by attending, you can help shape the future of our town.