Body Bounce back with carbon offsetting

The popular bouncy castle playpark is set to return to Bude for seven weeks this summer, following a decision by the Town Council to renew its arrangement with the operator, Body Bounce. The Council also asked that the carbon used be offset in a manner which benefits Bude and its surrounding areas directly.

For 2022, Body Bounce has committed to using new generators operating to a higher environmental standard, and to running a carbon offsetting programme to compensate.

“Many people – residents and visitors alike – enjoyed the bouncy castle operation run by Body Bounce on the Downs last summer. It was a great way for kids to enjoy fresh air and exercise, and it offered an additional attraction for Bude over the busy summer months,” said BSTC Deputy-Mayor, Simon Browning.

“There are some concerns about the environmental impact on our community,” Simon continued, “but we believe Body Bounce is really committed to its carbon offsetting programme. As a Council, we are satisfied that they will honour this commitment and have requested that this is for the benefit of the local area specifically.”

The decision to welcome Body Bounce back to the Downs this summer follows an earlier agreement by the Council that the area on the Downs known as the Old Tennis Courts remains for a mix of community use and business licences.