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Town Council object hotel at Planning Committee

Town Council object hotel at Planning Committee
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Town Council object hotel at Planning Committee

Bude-Stratton Town Council objects to hotel application at lively Planning Committee


Bude-Stratton Town Council’s Planning Committee meeting held 11th April 2019 in the Parkhouse Centre saw an exceptional public turn out as the Travelodge application was on the agenda.


Thirty members of the public packed into the Conference Room to have their say of PA19/01978  -the demolition of existing buildings and the development of a 70 bed budget hotel, including bar and café, with associated car park and access works at the former bus and coach depot at Lansdown Road, Bude.


During the lively meeting, members of the public spoke and raised points of objection regarding the proposed development. The Committee chaired by Cllr Bob Willingham allowed much longer than the allotted fifteen minutes public session to give everyone a chance to have their say.


Councillors reminded people that the Town Council is only a consultee in the process and only valid planning reasons would have any impact on the actual decision makers at Cornwall Council.


The importance of Bude’s Neighbourhood Development Plan was highlighted as this sets planning policies which Cornwall Council must take account of. The Committee also heard from the Planning Agent on behalf of the applicant.


Councillors then discussed the application taking on board the objections and concerns raised. The Committee voted unanimously to object to the application. The full resolution reads:


That BSTC object to the proposal.  It is in conflict with the Bude NDP policy: 15 – Town Centre Development.  BSTC also object to the scale, design, height and overshadowing in a Conservation Area. However, if the site is deemed suitable by CC for a hotel development BSTC would request that the restaurant offer is reduced and is resident only.  BSTC question the methodology of the traffic statement and would ask that the developer contribute towards safer pedestrian walkways and crossings.  BSTC would request that they are involved in the consultation process of any future application in order to give a sympathetic design to the surrounding area and would also request that the Bude Green 5 be included.


Although the matter has been subject to much online public debate, at the time of the meeting only 32 comments had been made on the Cornwall Council Planning Portal. This is an important route for people to have their view taken into account – whether it be support or objection. The link to the Cornwall Council website page is here: http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=PNWJC4FGKK400&activeTab=summary


All BSTC Planning Committees are open to the public to attend and participate in (within the set time allocated for public questions or opinions). Agendas are publicised throughout the Parish and on the website here: www.bude-stratton.gov.uk/meetings. Cllr Tony Gibbs said that on many occasions it is just the Town Councillors who are present to discuss and debate points and vote on resolutions and welcomed more of public input on planning matters.

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