Bude-Stratton Town Council Takes Another Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

Living Roof Bus Shelters

Bude-Stratton Town Council’s latest initiative in their green journey involves the adoption of innovative Living Roof bus shelters. Developed by Fernbank Advertising, the company responsible for installing and managing most of the local bus stops. These Living Roof shelters are set to create a greener and more biodiverse environment in a structure that’s often overlooked as a space that can be used in a more environmentally friendly way.

What are the benefits of these Living Roof bus shelters?

  1. Environmentally Conscious: designed and manufactured in the UK, these shelters are crafted from recycled materials, making them a responsible choice for sustainable infrastructure.
  2. A Flourishing Roof: The Living Roof boasts a vibrant Sedum plant ecosystem, featuring 16 varieties of plants that bloom from March to October. Sedums are uniquely suited for low-maintenance roofs, making them an ideal choice for the bus shelters.
  3. Inviting Nature’s Helpers: The green roofs attract a wide array of beneficial insects and bees, providing a welcoming habitat for them to thrive, which ultimately supports the local ecosystem.
  4. Cleaner Air: These shelters assist in carbon capture from nearby traffic, acting as natural filters to purify the air and improve its quality.
  5. Harnessing Solar Power: For shelters situated in areas without access to power, solar panels and low-energy lighting are utilised, demonstrating an environmentally friendly approach to meet energy needs.

Deputy Mayor for Bude-Stratton, Philippa Purchase voiced her enthusiasm stating, “As joint Lead Councillor for the Environment, I’m delighted with the agreement between the council and Fernbank to provide living green roofs on all of the bus stops that Fernbank manage in the town.

Living green roofs provide extra habitats for insects and birds to live and feed and they reduce the amount of rainwater entering the drainage system. They also help to reduce the amount of air pollution in the environment and absorb greenhouse gases. This means that these roofs are contributing to Bude-Stratton Town Council delivering its commitment to being carbon net-zero by 2030.

The green roofs are going to be maintained by Fernbank and have been installed at no cost to Bude-Stratton Town Council”.