Bude Town Team Appoints Consultant for Vision and Investment Plan

A consultant with a delivery-focused Vision and Investment Plan has been selected to investigate options for revitalising Bude’s town centre. After a rigorous selection process, Land Use Consultants Ltd (LUC) has been chosen to lead the project, working closely with the community to create a plan that will guide the transformation of Bude’s town centre.

The six-month project will explore how the area can evolve to meet the changing patterns of use and provide a diverse and vibrant experience for both locals and visitors.

LUC will engage with the community throughout the process, offering both in-person and online opportunities for people to share their views and ideas about the future of the town centre. The aim is to create a welcoming, accessible, and dynamic town centre that reflects the community’s needs and aspirations.

The Bude Town Team is excited about the project’s potential to revitalise the area and is urging the community to get involved in shaping the future of their town centre. They have emphasised the importance of community engagement in the development of the Vision and Investment Plan and encourage everyone to take part in the consultations and have their say.

The team is eager to hear the initial views and ideas of the community regarding the town centre revitalisation project. Individuals can send in their suggestions to isaltern@bude-stratton.gov.uk, which will be reviewed and discussed at their upcoming meeting on May 17th 2023. This is a valuable opportunity for community members to play an active role in shaping the future of their town centre. The meeting agenda can be found HERE. To stay updated on the Town Team’s progress and access meeting agendas and minutes, click HERE.