Bude Town Team Unveils Vision and Investment Plan

Bude Town Team Unveils Vision and Investment Plan

The dedicated Bude Town Team has been hard at work compiling data gathered from community consultations and key organisations. We’re excited to share their insights with you in this comprehensive document.

The visionary plan for the future of Bude Town Centre highlights the town’s rich heritage and creativity. It envisions a resilient community where Bude becomes a hub for shopping, dining, working and relaxation. The document addresses challenges faced by the town centre, proposing investment programmes to support businesses, enhance public spaces, improving housing and bolster community support services. Additionally, it suggests enhancements to public area and transportation infrastructure to ensure safer streets while preserving Bude’s unique history.

Key Focus Areas Identified:

  • Business and Creativity
  • Community and Housing
  • Public Realm, Transport and Connectivity

Looking ahead, the Bude Town Team is set to establish an organisation to facilitate and support groups in executing the identified projects. Securing funding will also be a priority to bring these initiatives to life. For further details, you can access the full document below.