Bude Wave Benches Unveiled

Bude's Iconic Tree Lives On: Unveiling of Bude Wave Benches

In February 2022, Storm Eunice made headlines when it brought down the iconic Monterey Cypress tree that had been standing tall in the Triangle of Bude for over 80 years. It was a moment that left a lasting impression on our community, and many wondered how to honour the legacy of this beloved tree.

Fast forward to October 12, 2023, and we’ve finally unveiled a project that’s been in the making for over a year. On this special day, we proudly introduced the magnificent Bude Wave benches crafted from the wood of that fallen tree. The event took place right where the Cypress tree once graced our town—the Triangle.

A Bench, a Tree, and a Community’s Resilience

The unveiling of these benches marks more than just a new addition to our town. It’s a story of community resilience, creativity, and a commitment to preserving our heritage.

The Mayor’s Perspective

Our Mayor, Mike Dawe, had this to say about the benches: “These Bude Wave benches are a sight to behold. They capture the essence of our town and the spirit of the sea beautifully. They’re not just benches; they’re works of art that pay tribute to the past while embracing the future.”

The decision to repurpose the wood from our fallen iconic tree was an easy one, according to Mayor Dawe. “It’s about preserving our town’s history and giving it new life. These benches are a symbol of community spirit, resilience, and our commitment to honouring our heritage.”

A Promise of the Future

The Mayor also added “For Bude, these benches mean more than just a place to sit. They represent a coming together of our community with a united passion that the falling of Bude’s iconic tree should not be its final end.”

The unveiling event was attended by not only Councillors but also Jonathan Walter from Atlantic Makers, the masterminds behind this incredible project.

These Bude Wave benches are now more than just a symbol; they’re a part of our history, an embodiment of our town’s spirit, and a place where we can sit, reflect, and look forward to the future.

We invite you to visit the Triangle in Bude to see these benches for yourself, experience the essence of our town, and be a part of the ongoing story that is Bude.