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Bude’s First National Amateur Boxing Champions

Bude’s First National Amateur Boxing Champions
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Bude’s First National Amateur Boxing Champions

Bude Boxing Academy are over the moon with their 2018/19 as they have managed to rack up no less than three national amateur boxing titles. 


[This article content has been shared from a press release by Bude Boxing Academy]


The first came in March 2018 when young rising star Taylor Barber boxed through to the national finals in London, only to completely outbox an opponent with twice his experience and a couple of titles already under his belt. Taylor was crowned the Junior national champion at 63.5-66kgs for 2017/18, The first national amateur boxing champion to ever come from Bude.


The second and third came December 9th, by the way of a wrecking ball of a boy Nathan Martin, and once again Taylor Barber now slightly older and allowed to enter the youth championships.


Nathan entered the under 60 kg category, and due to his aggressive style, savage power and unrelenting fitness, most entrants either pulled out or entered the weight groups above or below to avoid him, only leaving one tough young Londoner to take him on in the finals.


Nathan backed off from his usual bulldozer tactics at first, to work his opponent out and utilise his speed and technical prowess. Once he got into his flow he picked beautifully placed single shots that bruised the Londoners soul. After having some fun showing off in the second round his coach, Ross Chard read him the riot act and told him to be serious. When the bell sounded to start the third, Nathan was all business. He landed some devastating blows, causing the referee to administer a standing 8 count. The bout carried on and “The Rockbiscuit” straight away connected with a devastating left hook that sent the lad to the other side of the ring. The referee the stopped the contest in the interests of safety and Nathan Martin was crowned winner by Technical knock out and youth national champion at 57-60kg for 2018/19.


Taylor had a longer journey ahead of him, firstly boxing an old foe in the pre-quarter finals in Malmsbury, this was a tough ask but was well within the Bude boxers capabilities and he won by unanimous points decision.


Next were the quarter finals and semi finals in Reading, Taylor came across a very rough and ready boxer in the quarters at the start of the day, where he was pushed, pulled, held and slapped throughout, but he stayed composed and handed out a boxing lesson to seal a clear victory.


Hours after his roughing up Tay took on a tall ultra slick boxer in the semi finals who knew all the tricks in the book, but all that back fired when Taylor stuck to clear precise punching to take that win too.


Taylor was now in the finals along side his clubmate taking on another of the top prospects in the country. All were expecting a very close, tough contest when looking at the finalists extensive resumes, but Taylor Barber 2.0 turned up in the ring making the bout truly one sided, he was hit around 4/5 times in the whole 3 round bout, whilst he clinically dissected his opponent to take by unanimous decision, the youth national title at 63.5-67kg for 2018/19


In its short time running Bude Boxing Academy is achieving great things, from competing on club shows across the country, to winning national tournaments, to helping children and adults with their physical and mental well being.


This week (March 2nd) saw the Budes 15th home show since its establishment in 2012(as Tamar amateur boxing club).


The 17 bout show, dubbed “spring time dust up” welcomed 2 clubs from London, Eltham and District and Bromley and Downham. Along with south west clubs, Launceston, Saltash, barnstaple, Seven hills(Torquay) and Plymouths Carl’s boxing stable and Stonehouse- all to do battle with budes current crop.


The show Featured 15 of the 20 registered Bude athletes, Richard Dicker, Sam Westwood, Rhys Chard, Ben Finn, Harry Sasse, Taylor Barber, Thomas Robins, Harry Fackrell, Louis Whelan, Theo Funnel, Henry “mantits” Roe, “Milky” Barstow and Archie “the problem child” Tape. Sadly the others were unable to compete due to pull outs or injuries.


All gave a magnificent accounting of themselves and thoroughly entertained the capacity crowd at BED nightclub. With Sam Westwood vs Aaron Docherty being voted best senior bout and Archie Tape vs Charlie Ludwell being voted best junior bout.


Full write-ups will be on the Bude Boxing Facebook page within the next week. And the next show will be held in October, so look out for advertising.


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