Compass Point Project Partners with Storylines for Educational Enrichment

Compass Point Project Partners with Storylines for Educational Enrichment

Budehaven StudentsWe’re excited to share a special project that’s been happening  behind the scenes—the Compass Point Project’s collaboration with Storylines.
This initiative is not just about the iconic Storm Tower but the broader commitment to education in our community.
The Compass Point Project’s Educational Commitment

As part of our ongoing dedication to education, Bude-Stratton Town Council has joined hands with Storylines for the Compass Point Project. 

The focus is not only on the renowned Storm Tower but on providing enriching educational experiences for our local students.

Rod Puppets
Creative Learning Resources

Storylines has developed creative resources tailored for primary and secondary school children. These resources aim to engage students in exploring the local area’s history, present, and future. From the architectural significance of the original Storm Tower to designing blueprints, the activities cover a spectrum of subjects, ensuring an educational adventure for our young minds.

Themed Exploration at Compass Point

This educational project draws inspiration from the cardinal directions, with each point guiding themed activities. Students have been contributing through art, history, creative writing, story gathering, and research. It’s an opportunity for them to actively participate in shaping the narrative of our community’s history and heritage.

Lights, Camera, Learning at Budehaven School!

In an exciting addition, Storylines has collaborated with a talented group of students from Budehaven School to create an engaging and informative film showcasing the story of the Storm Tower.

Guided by Storylines, these year 8 students served as puppeteers and scriptwriters, bringing the history to life through the magic of puppetry and creative storytelling.

The film tells the historic tale of the tower through the imaginative eyes of the students. From crafting rod puppet characters to scripting the voices of historical figures like architect George Wightwick and coastguards, the students embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

Filming day brought laughter and creativity as puppeteers navigated their makeshift stage, guided solely by voices. Despite the challenges, their efforts resulted in a captivating portrayal of the Storm Tower’s history. Students contributed diverse dialects and conversations, adding a humorous touch to the storytelling.   

The film promises to engage future generations in our local heritage and will be featured on the school website and in the upcoming Compass Point Project Exhibition.  

Igniting Curiosity in Our Youth

Our hope is that these resources and initiatives will spark curiosity and inspire our children and young people to delve deeper into the rich history happening right here in Bude. The Compass Point Project demonstrates our commitment to providing valuable educational experiences that go beyond the textbooks.