Compass Point Project Update – Week 12

We are excited to share the latest update on the Storm Tower move, as we have some fascinating discoveries to reveal!

Site Information

We are excited to share the latest update on the Storm Tower move, as we have some fascinating discoveries to reveal!

The dismantling process has progressed, allowing us to uncover intriguing finds. Despite meticulous surveys, working with the stonework revealed unexpected challenges. The fragile state of the stone has made preservation difficult, but we have been careful to salvage as much of the original stone as possible. In the accompanying images, you’ll see examples of the external roof concrete render, bricks from the internal walls, internal roof rubble, and stone from the cliff.

To ensure the reconstruction is accurate, the removed stone is being systematically marked and laid out on numbered pallets, providing precise location references for rebuilding the tower. The collection of stone pallets stretches a long way, showcasing the immense scale of this stone jigsaw puzzle. It’s well worth a visit to the site to witness this incredible sight for yourself.

Interesting Finds

During the dismantling process, we have stumbled upon some fascinating discoveries:

  • An original iron fixing bar used for electricity supply.
  • Coins from 1978 found between two large pieces of stone above the door frame, indicating a deliberate placement during a possible repair. We welcome any memories or information you may have regarding repairs during that time frame as we cannot find a record of this.
  • Pebbles from the original sea pebble floor surrounding the tower.
  • Pieces of glazed pottery found near the tower on the ground.

We believe that a picture speaks a thousand words, so we have included lots of images for you to explore. Additionally, we will have a display at the Parkhouse Centre during the Heritage Festival on Sunday 16th July, where you can engage with our team and learn more about the project.

Community Activity

We recently visited Budehaven Community School to deliver a presentation on the tower’s history and the reasons behind its relocation. Following this, some Year 7 students had the opportunity to visit the site, gaining firsthand insights into the site’s history and geology.

Lastly, a reminder that the art competition is still open until August 7th. We have already received lots of brilliant entries, so keep them coming!