Compass Point Project Update – Week 16

Storm Tower Saved!

It’s great to be able to share the latest update on the Storm Tower relocation with you. Everyone is thrilled that the tower has been saved from the sea, but there’s still lots going on!

Full Dismantling Completed: A Milestone Achieved
The entire tower has now undergone a complex and careful dismantling process, marking a significant milestone. Currently only the tower’s base and steps remain standing as a testament to its past presence. The skyline has been permanently transformed, fortunately in a positive manner, and will stand as a lasting reminder of the substantial impact climate change can have on our community.

Unforeseen Challenges in Base Removal: Nature’s Impact
Originally the plan included removing the base and restoring the area to its natural state, harmonising with the surrounding grass and flora. However, the recent weather conditions – a dry spell followed by a prolonged period of heavy rainfall – has triggered increased instability along the cliff. Unfortunately, this has posed challenges in using the necessary heavy machinery for the base’s excavation. As we prioritise safety and thorough assessment, further evaluations will be conducted over the next few days.


Insightful Images: Tracing the Journey
Within the accompanying images, you’ll catch a glimpse of the tower’s history. The original entrance steps and the remaining base stand as poignant reminders of its former grandeur. Notice the enduring cornerstones, elegantly waiting for their transition through lifting equipment to the new location. These stones, meticulously numbered, are symbolic of the tower’s essence as they are prepared for their next chapter.

A Sea of Stones: Witness the Complexity
One image unveils the sheer magnitude of the task undertaken. Each stone, carefully numbered and catalogued, stretches out in an organised expanse. This visual really encapsulates the tremendous effort that has gone into dismantling the tower, leading the way to its new home.

New Beginnings: Reassembly Commences
At the new site, the reassembly phase has commenced with the placement of the first blocks and stones. This marks the delicate initiation of reconstructing the tower, a process as intricate as its history. While preserving as much of the original tower as possible, the reassembly will also incorporate new elements for structural integrity, weaving a new chapter into its story of resilience against the sea.