Compass Point Project Update – Week 19

Storm Tower Relocation Reaches New Milestone as Reassembly Begins

We’re thrilled that another significant milestone has been reached with the relocation of the Storm Tower at Compass Point. With the dismantling phase now concluded and the groundwork for the new foundation set, the team have taken the monumental step of placing the first stone as we commence the reassembling process.

Each individually numbered stone will be methodically reinstated in the precise sequence it originally occupied within the tower. You may have seen the stones arranged on pallets, each assigned to its specific section and meticulously labelled for accurate repositioning.

Certain stones will require restoration, while some others will require to be completely replaced to ensure the tower’s structural integrity. In instances where repairs or replacements are needed, it is a requirement that the new elements are matched as closely as possible to the original stones.

As the reassembly phase advances, the pace is anticipated to be more rapid than the initial dismantling. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the September weather is kinder to the team as we watch the tower begin to rise from its foundations.