Compass Point Project Update – Week 2

Exciting progress continues to be made at the Compass Point Project, and we’re back with another update! Here’s what’s happening on site this week:

Site Information

Scaffolding is due to be erected this week, which is an important step in the process of dismantling the tower. This will enable the team to work safely and efficiently as they begin the careful process of taking the tower apart.

In addition, surveys will commence to ensure accurate records of the tower’s construction are made. This is essential for the stonemasons who will be working on the project, as it will provide them with a full picture of how the Storm Tower is made up in situ.

The new site compound will be constructed this week setting out the area for the towers new position.


Last week, we let you know that as a special thank you to those who generously donated to the crowd fund right at the start of this project, we would choose a few members of the public at random to attend the cross removal and first spade in the ground ceremony. We’ve now selected those lucky people and invitations are being sent to them.

Compass Point Storm Tower

This ceremony will be a significant moment in the Compass Point Project, as it marks the beginning of the disassembling process. Scheduled for Tuesday 9th May at 11am, the project team has extended invitations to the press to attend and document the event, so keep an eye out for coverage of the event in the local news!

Community Activities
We’ve been busy meeting with local schools to talk about our programme to get students involved in the project. There will be a variety of ways for them to participate that will fit within the curriculum, particularly in the areas of history, geography, and science. We hope to engage with all ages and inspire them to really be part of this once in a lifetime event.