Compass Point Project Update – Week 4

Exciting progress continues to be made at the Compass Point Project, and we’re back with another update! Here’s what’s happening on site this week:

Site Information

After removing the cross last week, the focus continues on carefully dismantling the roof.

We also reach another important milestone this week as we begin the groundwork phase to prepare the new location for the tower’s base. During this process, we will carefully remove the grass, which is a crucial part of the protected habitat.

To ensure its survival, we have the guidance of an experienced ecologist who will oversee its relocation. The areas where we will replant the grass will be decided in consultation with the ecologist and monitored regularly. We will also fence off these areas to give the grass the best chance to thrive in its new environment. Please be mindful of these areas when you are around Compass Point.

You will also notice that there is an additional section of land that will be fenced off from the approach to the tower from the gate on Church Path. This is purely for protection purposes while the groundworks are taking place.

grass being removed at Compass Point
Grass being removed at the new site for the Storm Tower


We are thrilled that our event on Tuesday 9th May made the headlines. The removal of the cross from the top of the tower and the ceremonial first spades in the ground at the new site, captured the attention of both local and national news outlets. The footage taken during the event will form part of the exhibition planned for the end of the project, as a fantastic reminder of how it all began.

We are also happy to share that in response to our request for local applicants, Sally Strachey Historic Conservation has successfully recruited a local stone mason to be part of the project.

Community Activities
We are excited to start our school program at Stratton School this week. We will give a presentation about the Compass Point Project, aiming to inspire the students to participate and be part of the project’s history.

In addition, as we begin removing the grass, we will distribute pieces to each of the local schools. Students will have the opportunity to nurture the grass and observe its growth. We hope this hands-on experience will raise awareness about the environment on their doorstep.