Compass Point Update

Last week we ran a public consultation on The Compass Point Project, this well attended event gave an update and overview of the whole project as well as discussing specific aspects of the build.

We asked the public to have a say on their preferences for the roof and the orientation of the building.

The architect and quantity surveyor for the project were in attendance at the meeting and answered questions from the public as well as the Officers from Bude-Stratton Town Council and Cornwall Council.

Information presented at the meeting has been made available for the last week for the community to view and have their say.

The full council last night voted in favour of the professional recommendations, which were also the selected preference of the public from the consultation.

  • Orientation selected: Maintain the current orientation to ensure the sight lines to the breakwater and sea remains. This means the tower will continue to be slightly east- north- east rather than true to compass markings, which adorn the external facade.
  • Roof material selected: The selected material includes an internal steel structure with a zinc external finish, the current internal dome will not be able to be replicated with this material.

The new location has also been determined, based on current coastal erosion patterns, local rock formation and ecology of the site. We hope this will preserve the building for another 100 years.

Orientation and Roof selected:

New Location: 

new location




Both aspects will now be fed into the planning application which is being submitted in September and we anticipate receiving the decision in November.

The application to the Heritage Lottery Fund was made in August and we anticipate receiving the decision in October.

Ensuring that both these aspects are successful we are planning to start the dismantling works in March/April 2022 with the activity plan commencing in November 2021.