Compass Point Update

We are now over halfway through the crowd funding campaign, with 25 days remaining; this is of course only a small part of the overall project.

Once funding has been finalised and work can begin, it is anticipated to take over a year to dismantle and rebuild the Storm Tower at the new location. With community projects starting this spring running well into next year and beyond, this really is just the beginning.

The support received for the project so far has been incredible and shows how much this landmark really means to the local and wider community. Being in a position to save the Storm Tower for future generations has been a big driving force behind the project and it is therefore so important that our project is representative of all ages and demographics in our community. It is this community support and the feelings the Storm Tower evokes in people that we want to capture.

The Storm Tower has been subject to the effects of coastal erosion since it was first built in 1835, having already been moved once. This second move highlights again the risks and predicaments faced by us, as a coastal community. Bude is particularly at risk to climate change due to our geographic location and the pressures placed on us as a community from the effects of coastal erosion and land changes over the years, will ensure that buildings and land continue to be placed at risk.

This is something other communities up and down the coastline of Cornwall and beyond will face, and we want to highlight our community response to the project to support other communities facing similar challenges.

We are inviting everyone within the community to contribute what the Storm Tower means to them; this could be any special memories you have there, how the pressures of climate change make you feel, or the importance of the building to our heritage and identity. These written works will be collated and used to support our heritage lottery bid and also form part of a book that will be published documenting the process, the move of the Storm Tower, the community’s response and the pressures faced by climate change as a coastal community.

There is no set format or competition and we want this to be as inclusive as possible to give you, the community, your chance to share what the Storm Tower / Pepper Pot / Compass Point means to you.

Please submit all written pieces to by 30th April.

Attached is a fantastic picture taken by the Thorn family showing the original location of the tower in 1835, its current location after the move in 1881 and the proposed new location.

New rewards are being added daily from local businesses, so you can help support the project and local businesses when you donate this way.