Council Representatives

The Council have agreed to have dedicated leads for certain areas in our community in a hope that it would support engagement and communication between the public and the council.
You can contact them directly or you can contact the office who can find the most suitable Cllr to discuss any issues with.
The following Cllrs have been allocated to these areas:
Education & early years – Cllr S Dearing & C Moriarty
Social Welfare – Cllr A Bluett
Crime and Community Safety – Cllr P La Broy
Youth Provision – Cllrs M Dawe & P Crum
Community Groups – Cllr T Gibbs
Heritage – Cllr P Tilzey
Environment & Bio Diversity – Cllrs S Browning & P Purchase
Climate Change – Cllrs R Uhlig & P Purchase
Sport- Cllrs M Dorey (water) , M Dawe (online) and P Tilzey (ball sports)
Housing – Cllr P La Broy
Economic Development – Cllrs S Bellamy & T Gibbs
Health provision – Cllrs L Corrigan Turner & T O’Sullivan
Transport & Connectivity – Cllr K Goode
Arts and Cultural – Cllr J Diffey
Diversity, Equality and LGBT+ – Cllr S Dearing & C Moriarty
All contact details can be found here: