Council secures Stratton Stores

BSTC is pleased to be able to confirm its successful bid at auction last night to purchase 1, Lords Court, Stratton, securing the future of Stratton’s store and Post Office and at the same time providing affordable rented housing for the local community.

The decision to bid for the property follows months of consideration by the Council, and it was ultimately secured for £275k.

Cllr Sian Dearing commented: “This is an exciting opportunity to save a valued shop and Post Office at the heart of the community, which also meets this and the previous Council’s aspirations to provide housing for local people.”

The Council was first made aware of the threat of closure to Stratton Stores last year and received many letters of concern about the detrimental impact the loss of such an important service would have on the community.

The building also includes two flats and two bedsits, and the Council’s intention is to make improvements to the property yet maintain reasonable rents for local people.

Cllr Mike Dawe said: “Guaranteeing the future of Lords Court protects a vital shop and post office, secures local employment and also responds to the need for housing which was highlighted by the Housing Survey conducted last year.”

The conveyancing process is due to complete in mid April and there will be much more detail to follow over the coming months as the project develops.

Cllr Peter LaBroy explained: “Purchasing this property is a big commitment made by BSTC to the people of Stratton. It will enable a solid future for the shop and provide several homes at reasonable rents for local people.”

“The Council as a responsible landlord can be trusted to look after the property for the long-term, and while the property will need some refurbishment and there may be some disruption whilst repairs and modernisation are done, I feel sure most people will be glad that we have made this ambitious move to secure homes and the shop for Stratton.”