Electric power tools coming online

You may notice that the Facilities Team has begun to swap out its diesel and petrol power tools as soon as they become unserviceable, for new electric alternatives. 
The team will shortly be receiving a Cramer electric mower, hedge cutter and chainsaw for use predominantly in the Castle and Parkhouse Centre grounds.
While the electric commercial power tools market is still in its infancy, the Facilities Team has already made the switch to electric with approximately 10% of its equipment, in addition to running its two electric vehicles.
The hope is to replace the vast majority of the Facility Team’s equipment with electric versions as soon as the tools become unsalvageable.
It’s worth noting, however, that the team will continue to use petrol Strimmers for the time being as there is currently no electric alternative capable of coping with the demand and hours of use needed to maintain our grounds so well. Additionally, the team will hold back in reserve one petrol/diesel piece of equipment as cover in the event of breakdowns or power cuts.