Final decisions made on Summerleaze Downs

Last night’s Full Council saw the last two major items from the public consultation on Summerleaze Downs being addressed.

Dogs on the Downs

The Council voted to keep dogs unrestricted year-round on the Downs.

We appreciate there are very few areas where dogs can enjoy open space year-round in the Bude-Stratton area unrestricted and feel it is important that the large demographic of dog owners in our community continue to have the space to enjoy the area with their furry friends.

There was some concern expressed about a minority of owners who don’t pick up after their dogs on the Downs, and we’d like to remind dog owners that there are dedicated waste bins for this use. Let’s keep Summerleaze Downs special for everyone to enjoy!


Cycle Path over Summerleaze Downs

The question of a cycle path over the Downs produced the closest result in the recent public consultation. The Council fully appreciates the importance of cycling for the community and our environment – but ultimately there was a strong feeling that the proposed route across the Downs would not be the most suitable.

As a result, the Council agreed the following unanimously: “After reviewing the report and mitigations set out in the report provided, BSTC does not believe the location of the route is the most appropriate and would like to explore alternative options for the community.”

This means the Council will continue to explore options for improving cycling routes in the local area, but this will not include Summerleaze Downs. Further communication will be issued in due course once additional research is undertaken, and consultation with the public will take place before any other options are seriously explored.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Summerleaze Downs consultation. The level of engagement from the public on topics that really matter is so important for everyone in the town. We look forward to the increased levels of dialogue with the public continuing. Please look out for the next pieces of engagement which will include a survey of local housing need and public consultation regarding the Triangle concept.