Growing Together: Tree Champions Nurturing Roots to Canopy

Tree Champions Nurturing Roots to Canopy

Bude-Stratton Town Council (BSTC) is pleased to announce the formation and progress of the Tree Champions group. This collaborative team consists of both local residents and dedicated councillors who are working together to ensure the wellbeing of our trees. Their goals include protecting the existing trees in our area and identifying suitable locations for planting new ones.

In partnership with the BSTC Planning Committee, this group plays a vital role in reviewing the impact of trees in various planning applications. Additionally, they will closely monitor the condition of trees as development projects unfold. If, for any reason, developers do not adhere to the specified tree-related conditions within their planning approval, the Tree Champions will inform the relevant bodies—Cornwall Council or the Forestry Commission.

Turning their attention to community-owned lands, the Tree Champions will evaluate whether these areas are suitable for tree planting. Leveraging their collective expertise, they will select tree varieties that are well suited to the environment. The group will be actively involved in planting these trees and their ongoing care, thereby ensuring they thrive.

Councillor Sian Dearing, Chair of the Planning Committee, said “We are all acutely aware of how important trees are to our environmental and social wellbeing. It’s really inspiring to see the Tree Champions group lean into the task of safeguarding our existing trees, hedgerows, and habitats, through the monitoring and oversight of local planning applications. The group is also looking to improve and enhance pockets of biodiversity within our parish, using native planting and sensitive land management strategies to enhance our green space for the future.”

Currently, the Tree Champions group comprises three councillors—Cllr Purchase, Dearing, and Browning—along with five members of the public. They warmly welcome new members who are interested in joining this initiative. If you’d like to get involved, please feel free to contact Councillor Philippa Purchase at She would be delighted to have a conversation with you about joining the group and making a difference.