Housing Crisis

On Wednesday the Planning Committee recognised that Bude-Stratton is in the midst of a housing emergency that makes it almost impossible for our local residents to access affordable housing on local income.
We are taking steps to get this issue in front of Cornwall Council, The National Association of Local Councils and The Government.
We urge the Government to:
1. Scrutinise the principles of Affordable Housing with a view to creating links to local earnings
2. New homes must be prioritised for local need and occupancy
3. Second Homes
a. To allow a multiplier of council tax which is passed to local communities
b. Scrutiny of the principle of registering houses as businesses
4. Additions to our housing stock should be delivered to high sustainable living standards and offered with secure and humane tenancy agreements
If this situation remains unchecked, we fear fracturing of our communities leading to long term social identity issues, workforce problems, loss of family support networks and empty homes bringing a loss of economic vitality and sustainability of our community.