Ideas for the tree welcome

A week after Storm Eunice tore through Bude, the Town Council’s Oversight Committee is inviting the community to submit suggestions as to how the Triangle Tree could be repurposed for the town.

Whilst there have been many creative ideas already made, please do continue to get in touch with your proposals for the use of the wood.

Current suggestions range from benches to totem poles and commemorative arches, although until the suitability of the wood has been fully established, it is not clear at this point what can be reasonably achieved.

The Facilities team has done a remarkable clear-up job in the Triangle, and the trunk and large limbs of the Monterey Cypress tree have been kept as whole as possible, to allow maximum choice for a fitting tribute.

Please email your ideas to, call us on 01288 353576, or pop your suggestions into the message box in The Parkhouse foyer. The future of the tree will be further considered at next month’s Full Council Meeting, on 17 March, 2022.