New Mayor Shares His Goals for Bude-Stratton in 2024-25

New Mayor Shares His Goals for 2024-25

I am a family man working in Bude-Stratton and the thoughts I share here are my own, not the official stance of Bude-Stratton Town Council.

I am hopeful that this year will see reenergised efforts from our council, as we continue our work to make Bude-Stratton a better place for everyone.

Over the past few years, our councillors have stepped up during challenging times. We have supported projects benefiting our youth and various community groups, safeguarded important local services, promoted our unique culture and contributed to the Bude Climate Jury initiative.

A key focus for me is fostering decisions and actions that boost equality and tackle poverty. Despite our town’s beauty, we face significant challenges, including a high rate of child poverty—one of the highest in Cornwall. Many of us are struggling to make ends meet. I aim for our council to pursue strategies that help alleviate these issues and enhance the prosperity of our community.

Strengthening our partnership with the Bude Town Team is vital. I hope that we can collaborate closely with team members to establish an agile institution, open to democratic oversight, while maintaining the independence to innovate and seek the funding that is crucial for our community’s future economic sustainability.

Equally important to me is the proposal to progress a new Youth Facility and Youth Council, alongside the ongoing redevelopment of the skatepark, all designed to enrich the lives of young people in Bude-Stratton.

Additionally, I look forward to our council maintaining strong relationships with all local community groups and key organisations, ensuring this last year of the present council becomes one of the most impactful for the residents of Bude-Stratton.

Steve Haynes
Mayor for Bude-Stratton Town Council