No 6 Bus Update


Thank you to all of you who have so far commented on your experiences of the new No 6 bus timetable. It is exactly this ‘on the ground evidence’ which is needed to get Stagecoach to listen. Please keep it coming. 

Yesterday, BSTC Mayor Amanda Tame and Cornwall Councillor Peter LaBroy met with Holsworthy Deputy Mayor Nigel Kenneally, Holsworthy Town Clerk Vanessa Saunders and Devon County Councillor James Morrish to see what could be achieved by working in collaboration with another significantly impacted community.

There was a large number of issues raised, but most immediately concerning were the reports of students being stuck at Okehampton after the return bus had left without them.

As a result of the meeting, the Cllrs will be pushing hard to get the 6 and 6a bus routes designated as ‘through’ routes, which means buses will HAVE to wait for connecting services from Exeter.

A further meeting will be held between Bude-Stratton, Holsworthy and County Cllrs before Christmas to monitor progress.

Additionally, at December’s Full Council meeting, BSTC agreed to look into the commissioning of a Transport Audit of the area, which would pinpoint deficiencies in all forms of public transport in our remote part of Cornwall.

Please email us or comment below with your experiences of the altered timetable to Exeter. As you know, evidence is key. 



There has been quite rightly a lot of concern in the community about the recent timetable changes to Stagecoach’s No 6 bus route, which now no longer provides a direct bus to Exeter and additionally is operating with reduced frequency.

Cornwall Cllrs Peter La Broy and Nicky Chopak attended a meeting on Monday with the Portfolio Holder for Transport at Cornwall Council, Cllr Connor Donnithorne, to lobby on behalf of our community and to seek clarity regarding the situation.

Unfortunately, we have hit a brick wall for the time being, and there are no immediate solutions to the problems caused by the altered timetable.

Whilst Cornwall Council has stepped in to help secure the Sunday and Bank Holiday services which were under threat altogether, we are currently at an impasse regarding any real further improvements in the near term.

Last month, BSTC stated its intention to lobby to ensure a regular, dependable and accessible public transport network for the Bude area – and we shall continue to do so.

So, where do we go now, as a community?

? You can continue to comment on FB/Instagram/Twitter (tag us, tag Cornwall Council), message us at and email or message your BSTC and Cornwall Councillors about your experiences of the new bus timetable. In the office, we shall collate all comments and use this as evidence as to the everyday impact these changes are having. Evidence is key.

? We can work more closely with our near neighbours in Devon, who are equally compromised by the reduction in service. To this end, Cllr La Broy is in the process of setting up a meeting with Holsworthy Town Council, to include both Mayors and Lead Cllrs for Transport.

? We have been advised by Cornwall Council that we need a Transport Audit to add weight to our arguments. This will be encouraged to take place as quickly as possible by BSTC and our Cornwall Cllr representatives at the next Community Area Panel meeting.

We are sorry that we can’t bring more positive news on progress at this point, but we shall continue to lobby hard on this issue.