Notice of Poll & Polling Day

Official notice of poll has been issued for the up coming election, on Thursday 6th May. The full list of candidates has now been confirmed and published as follows.

For the Town Council elections the candidates are: 

Bude Ward


Stratton Ward


Hele Ward



For the Cornwall Council elections the candidates are:



Stratton, Kilkhampton, Morwenstow



For the Police and Crime Commissioner elections the candidates are as follows: 



Important information on the day: 

Polling will take place in The Ivor Potter Hall at The Parkhouse Community Centre, Stratton Community Hall and Poughill Village Hall, between 7am-10pm.

If you are registered to vote, but you don’t have your poll card, you can go to the polling station and give them your name and address.

You don’t need any other form of ID.

You must vote at your assigned polling station.

You can find out which polling station is your using the following