Planning Committee objects to An Mor development plans

BSTC has strongly objected to the proposed redevelopment of the An Mor Hotel site, planning application PA22/09629.
Following a meeting of the Planning Committee yesterday, BSTC submitted its objection to Cornwall Council as follows: 
Resolved: BSTC has a strong objection to this proposal. Indicative plans show a design concept which is completely out of keeping with the architectural language of the street scene. Consequently, BSTC believes that this proposal will have a deleterious impact within the conservation zone – in contravention with CLP Policy 24: Historical/Environment.  BSTC has grave concerns re:
  • Scale and massing upon the site (Policy 12 CLP)
  • Insufficient parking provision and circulation space for vehicles onsite
  • Inadequate access along a private (un-adopted) road Increase in traffic movements (as shown in Traffic Survey)
  • Minimal communal outdoor space – in contravention with Bude NDP Policy 7: Sheltered/Retirement housing
  • Potential light pollution (Environmental and residential)
  • Environmental damage to partial greenfield site

Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence of adequate justification for the partial demolition of the existing site. This proposal is a huge waste of sensitive design potential and embodied carbon. BSTC also contest the “brown field site” designation present in the proposal.

This application sits within a coastal vulnerability zone and the proposal lacks an adequate coastal vulnerability assessment. As such, this proposal can only be viewed as an unsustainable site for development.

BSTC objects strongly to both parts of this hybrid application, and this proposal contravenes our own Neighbourhood Plan (Policy23: Conservation Areas and listed Buildings).  This proposal is of poor architectural quality and would inevitably bring harm not enhancement to such a central and historically sensitive location within our town. We believe the building and site to be of historic and cultural value to our community.

Planning Committee Chair, Cllr Sian Dearing, said: “A huge thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s Planning Committee meeting, and to those of you who have already commented on the proposals via the Cornwall Council portal.
“It was incredibly useful for Cllrs to note the strength of public feeling about the proposed development at An Mor. Representations received were crucial in crafting the committee response, on behalf of our community.”
“We would strongly urge anyone else who still wishes to comment to do so as soon as possible. Your voice really matters!” Cllr Dearing added.
To comment on the proposals, you can do so here: The planning application number is PA22/09629
You will need to register to comment, however. If you have problems registering, please email your comments to, citing the application number but also explaining you had problems registering with the site.