Positive Impact of Community Grants

The Positive Impact of Community Grants

Bude is the Muse

Thanks to a community grant, these artists will showcase two short films, “Greetings from Bude” and “Breakwater,” premiering exclusively in Bude. The grant played a vital role in enabling the group to engage the broader Bude community in bringing these films to life. 

Madeline Rolt, in collaboration with the Pearl Exchange Writing Group, is gathering haikus inspired by the iconic breakwater. One standout haiku will feature in the film “Breakwater,” while the others will be presented in a bookwork(zine) at the upcoming exhibition. 

Meanwhile, Tim Rolt has delved into Bude’s history, curating messages from historic postcards. Now, seeking volunteer performers to narrate these messages, the project aims to create a film intertwining diverse postcard views of Bude with a medley of voices reading the messages. 

These cinematic creations will debut at The Castle Gallery in March 2024, complementing the works of two other artists focusing on Bude. This initiative not only enriches the local arts scene but also enhances community engagement and collaboration, showcasing the positive impact of community grants on creative endeavours.

Ad Surf

A community grant has been instrumental in supporting a great initiative focused on enhancing the well-being of individuals facing various challenges. This project is dedicated to providing accessible and adaptive surfing or water-based activities to those with disabilities, mental health conditions, or individuals who are neuro-diverse.

The grant serves to facilitate the creation of facilities that promote recreation and leisure, ultimately contributing to the improvement of the quality of life for the intended beneficiaries. By fostering inclusivity in water-based activities, this project not only supports physical health but also addresses the mental and emotional well-being of individuals facing unique circumstances.

Through the community grant, this initiative strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those often underrepresented in recreational pursuits. By breaking barriers and providing tailored opportunities, it aims to create a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals with disabilities, mental health conditions, or neuro-diversities.

Bude Cancer Support

Bude Cancer Support, a registered charity relying on grants and donations, secured a community grant to assist in covering the expenses of room hire and refreshments for six months of café events. 

This charity operates as a peer support group for individuals affected by cancer, including those living with or recovering from the disease, as well as their families and carers. The community grant has been pivotal in supporting their mission, particularly in organising twice-monthly safe space café events. These events, along with various workshops and restorative therapies, aim to promote both physical and mental health. 

In addition to fostering a supportive environment, Bude Cancer Support goes the extra mile by offering advice and directing attendees to other relevant services and support—all at no cost. The positive impact of the community grant is reflected not only in the provision of essential services but also in the invaluable sense of community and assistance it brings to those dealing with the challenges of cancer.

These grants have already made a significant impact on various groups in Bude, supporting initiatives that enhance our community’s well-being and vibrancy. 

If you’re part of a local group or an individual with a project that could benefit the community, we encourage you to apply for a community grant. 

For detailed information on the application process, eligibility and guidelines, click the button below.