Round-Up of Full Council 1 June 2023

Here’s your round up of the key discussions and decisions made during the monthly full council meeting on 1st June 2023:

Cornwall Council Issues Relevant to BSTC

Cllr P La Broy shared some important updates from Cornwall Council. Firstly, that the 128/129 Bude/Stratton Bus Service has been reconnected which is a vital route for the community. In addition, the sea lock chamber has been cleared and is now operational. Cllr P La Broy also reported that the dredging of the canal is scheduled to take place later this year.

A visit was made to Budehaven School, with the hope of establishing a better relationship between the school and the council. Additionally, Cllr P La Broy is actively working to preserve the old farm track at Binhamy, ensuring it is not tarmacked over. Further updates will be provided in due course.

Abbeyfield House Closure

The possible closure of Abbeyfield House, Burn View, was discussed during the meeting. Cllr Lorraine Corrigan Turner informed us that she had been in direct contact with Abbeyfield House, and no decision has been made while the consultation process is ongoing. Both Cornwall Councillors and the Social Care Team at Cornwall Council are also involved in addressing this issue. We will continue to monitor the situation and actively participate in efforts to prevent the closure where possible.

Summer Activity Programme

The town council are delighted to inform you that the Activity programmes conducted so far have been immensely successful. As a result, the Summer Activity programme and budget were approved during the meeting. BSTC hope these activities will offer enjoyable experiences and engage community members of all ages throughout the summer season.

Year-End Accounts

The council members reviewed and approved the year-end reports for the 2022/23 fiscal year. BSTC continues to be committed to maintaining transparency and fiscal responsibility in all financial matters.

Properties Committee

The Properties Committee proposed utilising £20,000 from the Projects Reserve to address the needs of 1 Lords Court. The council has approved this allocation, reflecting our dedication to maintaining and improving our community’s properties.

Bude Climate Partnership

The council agreed that Cllr E Hanna will serve as the substitute representative to the Bude Climate Partnership. This appointment ensures the council’s participation in matters related to environmental sustainability and climate action.

Responsible Finance Officer

Finally, BSTC are pleased to announce that Emma Mason has been confirmed as the Council’s Responsible Finance Officer, effective from 1st July 2023. They are confident in her abilities and look forward to working with her in managing the financial affairs of the town council.

We hope this summary provides you with an overview of the important matters discussed during the monthly full council meeting. As always, we remain committed to serving our community’s interests and will continue to keep you informed on relevant developments.