Round-Up of Full Council 3 August 2023

Here’s the key highlights from the Full Council Meeting held on Thursday 3rd August 2023.

Cornwall Council Update
First up was the Cornwall Council update from Councillor Peter La Broy on matters relevant to BSTC.

Cllr P La Broy informed that he had raised the issue of homelessness with Cornwall Council. He had also met with Cornwall Council’s Dog Warden and was comfortable with the policing of dog’s on Bude’s beaches.

Cllr P La Broy has also met with the Berries Avenue Action Group to discuss the proposed improvements to the play area. He reported that Cornwall Council’s Asset Management Group met regarding the devolvement of Bude Skate Park to the Town Council and also that the Big Blue Surf School was seeking to develop Bude as a centre of excellence for adaptive surfing, catering for those with additional needs.

Cllr P La Broy reported that:

  • Very few grant applications had been received from Bude under the Shared Prosperity Fund Limited and encouraged community groups to apply.
  • Sarah Bull is now in position as a new Community Link Officer for Bude and Camelford.
  • Canal dredging for autumn was confirmed, with public input suggesting replanting Tamarisk after flood alleviation work on the river Neet.

Bude Climate Partnership Update
Robert Uhlig presented insights on the potential impacts of rising sea levels on Bude. He explained the process of establishing a Community Jury on Climate Change, supported by the Environment Agency, Cornwall Council, and climate experts from Shared Future. He encouraged BSTC to involve the community and to review the resulting recommendations from the Community Jury. The Council agreed to support the Bude Area Community Jury on Climate Change and resolved to review its recommendations.

Review of Public Spaces Protection Orders (Dogs)
Discussion on renewing Public Spaces Protection Orders included considerations about dog-related concerns. Options for restrictions around schools and public spaces were explored, leading to the decision to not allow dogs in play parks and Bude Skatepark, as well as requiring dogs to be on leads outside schools, playgroups, and nurseries in the parish.

Wheeled Sports Project
Updates on the redevelopment of the existing skate park development and the proposed Wheeled Sports Facility were provided. A Heritage Impact Assessment into potential archaeology on the new site has been commissioned. The use of the Crooklets beach office as a youth facility linked to the Wheeled Sports Facility was proposed.

Approval was granted for Bude At War to use the beach office during their September event.

Compass Point Project Update
Details about the Compass Point Project were shared, including the request to retain the existing outside flooring due to ground instability making further work unsuitable. It was agreed to propose to the landowner and leaseholder of the Storm Tower to keep the exiting flooring in situ and to make the site safe and fence off. The Council also resolved to replace the existing flagpole that is in a state of disrepair with a functioning flagpole.

Finally, the recent inclement weather has delayed the ongoing works to the tower and as a result the contractors have requested an extension to the programme timetable until November 2023.

Bude Flood Alleviation Work Update
Important dates were announced for the Bude Flood Alleviation Work. The site set up will begin on Monday 21st August 2023, with Nanny Moore’s Bridge and Ergue-Gaberic Way being closed from Tuesday 29th August to Tuesday 31st October 2023. The works are set to finish in April 2024.