Round-Up of Full Council 5 October 2023

Here’s your full round-up of the matters discussed at the Full Council Meeting on 5th October 2023.

Cornwall Councillor Update
Councillor Peter La Broy has been actively engaged in various meetings this month. These include discussions on economic growth and development, participation in Cornwall Council’s full meeting, and a meeting with residents of Casebourne Mews to explore the restoration of gardens in the area. Furthermore, Councillor La Broy is collaborating with Cornwall Council Highways to enhance local footpaths, and there have been two applications submitted for Bude projects under the levelling up fund. Additionally, recent Traffic Consultations have been completed, and Bude’s planned schemes are set to proceed.

Mayor’s Report for August and September
The mayor attended the Okehampton Civic Parade, where Connect Bude was also represented. The mayor reported that he had the honour of judging artwork submissions for the Compass Point Art Competition, alongside Councillor Peter La Broy. The award winners will be revealed at a ceremony on Tuesday, 10th October at The Castle. The mayor also confirmed his attendance at the unveiling of Wave Benches, crafted from the fallen tree in the Triangle, on Thursday, 12th October, at 3 pm.

Bude Sea Pool Ownership
The Friends of Bude Sea Pool (FoBSP) have expressed interest in transferring ownership of the sea pool to BSTC. Discussions were held regarding the potential devolution of ownership from Cornwall Council to BSTC, including the public pathway leading to the pool across Summerleaze Downs. The vision for a new building at the top level of the pool site was also shared. The council has acknowledged this request and will consider further investigation at committee level.

Compass Point Project Update
The Projects and Strategy Manager (PSM) provided an update on the Compass Point Project. The meeting with the entire project team highlighted delays, with the new estimated completion date being around 22nd January 2024. However, the tower and roof are expected to be finished by 12th December 2023, with remaining external works to be completed in January 2024. Notably, the tower’s cross will be reinstated on the roof and a time capsule will be put in place on 11th December 2023, with all councillors invited to attend.

Lead Councillor Updates
Councillor Goode is set to attend the Sustainable Tourism event on 13th October in collaboration with Connect Bude. Councillor Aulsbery-Vockins has been appointed as a joint lead councillor for Youth, while Councillor Tame is the joint lead councillor for inclusion.

D-Day Landings Commemorations
The council discussed its involvement in commemorating the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings on 6th June 2024. Alternative options to a fossil fuel beacon were explored, and the matter is now referred to the Heritage & Cultural Services committee for further exploration.

Hele Valley Woodland
Councillor O’Sullivan initiated a discussion about the land for sale at Hele Valley. Public input was welcomed during the debate, with a focus on the land’s potential use for the broader community. The council expressed support, in principle, for preserving the woodland and ensuring public access. This matter will be referred to the Corporate and Democratic Services Committee for further assessment.