Round-Up of Full Council 6 July 2023

Last week’s Full Council meeting covered several important topics. Here’s a summary of the key items discussed:

The Mayor made a statement regarding the flying of flags from BSTC flagpoles this year. You can read the full statement here.

Wayleave Consent
An urgent item was introduced regarding an application for Wayleave Consent from National Grid. The consent was needed to lay cables across BSTC land for electric charging points in Summerleaze Carpark. The Wayleave Consent was approved.

Appointment of New Town Clerk
Tatiana Cant has been appointed as the new Town Clerk, starting from 1st August, 2023.

Sand Tramway Update
Cllr La Broy provided an update on the Sand Tramway path, which had been closed by Cornwall Council due to erosion and safety concerns. Cornwall Council is working on a solution to repair the path and reopen it to the public. You can find Cornwall Council’s full update here:

Harbour Closure
Cllr Peter La Broy informed the council that water abstraction from the river Neet, done to keep the canal full, had been stopped due to low rainfall. As a result, the harbour has been closed to lock-ins. The water levels will continue to be monitored.

Upcoming By-Election
A by-election will take place on July 27th, 2023, for the Bude ward of BSTC. This will be the first election where photo ID will be required, and communications will be sent out to inform voters about this new requirement.

Cognition Learning Proposal
A proposal from Cognition Learning to provide a summer program for children with the assistance of BSTC was accepted. The budget and reserves were approved for this purpose.

Compass Point Project Update
The Compass Point Project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, includes provisions for active community engagement as part of the funding agreement. In line with this commitment, school visits to the project site and within schools have already taken place, fostering a sense of involvement and awareness among students. Furthermore, plans are in motion to extend these opportunities to the wider public later in the summer.

To ensure a comprehensive record of the project’s progress, time lapse cameras have been strategically installed, capturing real-time footage of the development. The public’s response to the site has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating an appreciation for the project.

Although the project is currently slightly behind schedule, due to encountering challenges with the cement used and the sourcing of replacement stone (as the original stone is no longer quarried), the site manager remains optimistic about making up for lost time and the project is still on track to be completed as scheduled in October.

Wheeled Sports Facility (Skate Park)
The Project Manager highlighted an important consideration regarding the current site of the Wheeled Sports Facility (Skate Park) on Summerleaze Downs. Due to the presence of underground cabling, which is classified as ‘Assets of National Importance,’ significant cost implications would arise. The associated insurance costs and the need for extensive protective measures would be substantial.

In light of this, alternative options were explored and discussed. As a result, a consensus was reached to expand the site area by incorporating additional land owned by BSTC. This strategic decision effectively eliminates the necessity of building on or near the transatlantic data cable, mitigating potential complications and ensuring the project’s smooth progression.

Sewage Discharge
Hayle Town Council reached out to BSTC to ask if BSTC would write in support of Cornwall Council to the Secretary of State, South West Water and the Environment Agency. The purpose of this is to address the issue of water companies being held to account for the discharge of sewage into our seas. BSTC willingly agreed to lend its support.

Holsworthy and Stratton Agricultural Show
It was discussed and agreed to have a ‘Meet the Councillor’ stand at the Holsworthy and Stratton Agricultural Show on 24th August 2023.