Summary of Full Council Meeting 2 May 2024

Summary of Full Council Meeting 2 May 2024

Explore the highlights from the latest Bude-Stratton Town Council Full Council Meeting held on 2nd May 2024. Discover key updates on the election of council positions, public participation discussions, committee appointments and reports from lead councillors. Stay informed about local initiatives, community concerns and future plans as we strive for transparent and inclusive governance.

Election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Councillors Dawe, Haynes, and Colwill were nominated for the position of Mayor for the municipal year 2024/25. After each candidate presented a short statement, Cllr Haynes was elected and took the chair, thanking the outgoing Mayor, Cllr Dawe, for his service. For the Deputy Mayor role, Cllrs Hanna and O’Sullivan were nominated. A recorded vote resulted in Cllr Hanna being elected.

Public Participation

The meeting featured a public participation segment where local residents expressed views on the Climate Jury recommendations and a member commented on the opening of the Barge Workshop and the Canal Bi-Centenary celebrations. A comment was made about the use of Summerleaze Downs for the skate park.

Cornwall Cllr Chopak requested to speak at this juncture as she needed to leave for another meeting. Cllr Chopak informed attendees about an upcoming road closure on the B3254 next week for essential maintenance. She also mentioned BSTC Councillor Corrigan-Turner’s appointment as Vice-Chair of the Health Working Group at the next CAP meeting in June. Councillor Chopak requested suggestions for empty shops to host a pop-up promoting health and well-being.

A member of the public commented on the flying Pride flag from BSTC flag poles. The Mayor requested the member of public moderate his language or he would be asked to refrain from speaking. 

Presentation from Budehaven School’s Mini Climate Jury

A presentation was given on the work done by the Bude Climate Partnership with Budehaven School’s mini climate jury, which included a series of recommendations that were received and noted by the Council. The full report can be viewed:

Committee and Working Group Elections

The Council elected members to various committees and working groups. The Corporate & Democratic Services Committee will include Cllrs Browning, Colwill, Dawe, Haynes, Herbert-Coulson, LaBroy, Moores, O’Sullivan, and Purchase. The Facilities & Environmental Services Committee members are Cllrs Aulsberry-Vockins, Browning, Colwill, Dawe, Hanna, LaBroy, Moores, Purchase, and Quinton. For Cultural & Heritage Services, members are Cllrs Aulsberry-Vockins, Browning, Colwill, Dawe, Diffey, Hanna, Herbert-Coulson, LaBroy, and Tame. The Planning Committee will consist of Cllrs Bluett, Dearing, Herbert-Coulson, La Broy, O’Sullivan, and Purchase, while the Staffing Committee includes Cllrs Colwill, Dawe, Diffey, Hanna, Haynes, LaBroy, Moores, Purchase, and O’Sullivan. Various working groups such as the Emergency Planning and Climate Jury groups were also formed with respective members appointed.

Lead Councillors Appointments

Councillors were appointed to lead various sectors: Cllr Tame for Education & Early Years, Cllr Bluett for Social Welfare, Cllrs La Broy and Colwill for Crime and Community Safety, among others. These appointments were agreed en bloc to streamline the process.

Cornwall Councillor Report

Cornwall Councillor La Broy congratulated the newly elected Mayor and commended the outgoing Mayor for their previous year’s work. La Broy focused on the Annual Town Meeting, discussing ongoing concerns such as Canal dredging delays due to weather conditions, sand rail repairs, sea lock gates, and breakwater repairs and the issue of the Making Space for Sand project. Cllr La Broy’s report was noted by the council.

Lead Councillor Reports

Updates were provided by various Lead Councillors. Councillor Corrigan-Turner submitted a written report detailing their attendance at the health steering group alongside representatives from the NHS and Friends of Stratton Hospital. Notably, Councillor Corrigan-Turner had been appointed as the Vice-Chair of the CAP Health and Wellbeing group, receiving thanks and recognition from fellow members for their contributions to local health initiatives.

Councillor Browning reported on recent developments in land management, highlighting the placement of ‘No Mow May’ signs on BSTC land. Additionally, updates were provided regarding dune management meetings.

In a separate report, Councillor Herbert-Coulson discussed the Housing Institute Cornish studies, which have initiated a survey to gather data on occupants of new homes in Cornwall. This survey aims to provide valuable insights into housing demographics and trends within the region, informing future policy decisions and community planning efforts.

Date of Next Meeting

The next Full Council meeting is set for 6th June 2024.

For a more detailed account, please refer to the complete minutes on our website or watch the recording here