With the estimated cost totalling £350,000 raising the funds to move the Storm Tower must start in earnest, Cornwall Council have pledged £50,000 in match funding towards the project with Bude-Stratton Town Council initiating a crowd funding campaign to raise up to £75,000 as well as match funding up to £25,000. The Town Council has also agreed to make an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the remaining amount required.

If both the Heritage Lottery Fund application and crowd funding campaign are successful, work on moving the Grade II listed building can start to take place. However, time is of the essence, as the cliff continues to erode below and makes the land around the Storm Tower less stable, work to preserve it from an untimely fall into the sea is harder to undertake. 

Standing proudly on our headland and viewable for miles to see, we know how meaningful the Storm Tower is to the people of Bude, its surrounding villages and many thousands of regular visitors. Not only does it hold a special place in the heart of our community, it is also a symbol of our seafaring heritage. We want to preserve this icon for many more generations to come, and we need your help to do so.

How can I help?

The simplest and most effective way to support The Compass Point Project is to donate to the Crowdfunding page directly and will help us on our way to securing the future of Bude’s very unique icon. Raising awareness of the Compass Point Project will be an ongoing task as we look to engage lovers of Bude, from right here in our community to those far and wide who love and visit the area year after year.

We are calling on you, our community to help get this project off the ground and ‘Save Our Storm Tower’! Tell your friends! Thank you for your support.

Weekly Update

Thank you to each and everyone of you has donated so far no matter how big or small it all contributes to saving the Storm Tower. The more we can raise with the crowd funder means we have less to bid to the Lottery Heritage Fund. It also means we can also demonstrate the huge amount of support this project already has within the community!

Even the smallest donation will go a long way to helping us Save Our Storm Tower! 

We have successfully had a grant application accepted by Cornwall Heritage Trust for £500, Thank You to the Trust for their support. 

Week 1
£95,858 27.4%
Week 2
£100,590 28.7%
Week 3
£104,953 30%