The importance of Pride in rural communities

If you haven’t already read this Forbes article about how vital rural Pride events are, then give it a go. It’s well worth it.
With many rural Pride events being cancelled this year due to lack of funding and volunteers ( Huffington Post, 12.06.22) it’s more important than ever to support Bude Pride on June 25, 2022 – 50 whole years after Pride first came to the UK.
LGBTQ+ people living in rural areas face a degree of social isolation that their peers in urban areas don’t necessarily experience. Social acceptance and visibility can be lacking in smaller communities, and access to the wider queer community is often restricted by lack of public transport networks.
  • “Personally pride in Bude would make me feel like there might be a chance for me to feel less lonely one day in this town. Like there might be a chance my child will be able to think, one day, that the fact he has a single lesbian mother is not the weird exception, but just another side of “normality” that people forget to mention.”

    “I’m so excited to celebrate at Bude’s pride festival this month! It’ll be my first ever one and it feels really poignant that it’ll be in this special town that’s become my chosen home. I am a young queer woman that moved alone from Essex to Bude last year – seeing Bude have its first ever pride last year genuinely helped me feel I was making the right decision in doing so!”


    “For me, having a Bude Pride is important as it allows me to celebrate my first pride, as a lesbian woman, with my girlfriend in the town that brought us together and that we choose to call home”

This is why Bude really needs Pride, and why BSTC is proud to support it.