Time Capsule to Feature in Rebuilt Storm Tower

Connecting Generations:
Time Capsule to Feature in Rebuilt Storm Tower

In a move to celebrate our shared history and strengthen community ties, we are excited to announce an addition to the Storm Tower rebuilding project. As we diligently piece together the Storm Tower at Compass Point, we’re taking a step forward into the future by placing a time capsule within it.

Capturing Today for Tomorrow

The aim is to capture the essence of our present era and encapsulate it for future generations. Just as the Storm Tower has stood as a sentinel to the passage of time, the time capsule will carry echoes of our community’s spirit, accomplishments, and dreams.

Your Role in Creating History

We’d love you to share your ideas to help shape the contents of this time capsule. What items, messages, or symbols would you like to see within it? This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to come together and create a capsule that reflects the values and hopes of our diverse community.

How to Contribute

Please submit your ideas before Friday 27th October to office@bude-stratton.gov.uk or in person at our offices at the Parkhouse Centre.

Your creativity and input will shape a time capsule that spans generations, bridging the past and the future, and reflecting our vibrant community spirit.