Vandalism to play parks

Unfortunately, we have seen an increase again in vandalism to the Bencoolen play park and surrounding structures. Most recently with the stone wall being taken apart and smashed just after it has just been re-pointed. On average the Town Council spends over 200 man-hours a year responding to vandalism in play parks, the costs associated with this equates to over £2,000 per year. This is on top of the general maintiance costs and upkeep of the four parks owned by the Town Council.

In better news, we are pleased to say the work to Poughill Play Park has now finished as the park is back open! This park is situated next to the free car park in Poughill and is suitable for small children.

Please support us in keeping these parks open and accessible for the children of Bude-Stratton. We urge anyone who witnesses any vandalism to the play parks to report this as soon as possible.


damage to park wall                     damage to park wall