You Did It – Thank you!

You did it!

Thank you! We are absolutely blown away by the donations and generosity of everyone!

The final amount raised, including offline donations is £59,552

This means we have £134,522 towards the overall cost of the project.

Every signal person who has donated, supported and raised awareness of the project has had such a huge impact on our ability to achieve this. It literally would not have been possible without you! Thank you to our community here and all over the world who love and support Bude and have come together to make this happen.

Thank you to all the local businesses who have supported us with products, percentage of sales, donated directly, photographed, offered rewards, lit up the tower and raised awareness. All this has been done in a period where you have been dealing with the huge challenges facing you due to Covid, the support you have given to this project has meant we are one step closer to being able to save this iconic structure for generations to come.

We hope this project becomes a signal of hope for our community after such a challenging year.   

What’s next?

The first thing on our list is for all the rewards on the crowd funder to be issued to everyone who has claimed one. We will be doing this in earnest over the coming weeks so expect to either receive yours in the post or by email, if we need anything else from you we will contact you to make sure you receive your rewards asap.

The next stage of the project involves writing and submitting a Heritage Lottery bid for the remaining amount of money needed for the project, it won’t be until we have this in place that we can start any work on the project or build. This again is a monumental task as the impact of Covid has added additional requirements to the application process but we are working hard with our community to ensure we can meet these.

A new dedicated website has been built for all the information regarding The Compass Point Project going forward, you will be able to check for the latest news and updates on the project and find out what stage we are at as the project progresses. A list of the all people and business who have made this happen will also be displayed here.

This is just the beginning… the project to move the tower is an complex and in depth one, where we have to remove each brick one by one, by hand! We are very fortunate to be working with some other local businesses who have offered their services for free to the project, and are contributing to the early stages of the build programme helping us with surveys.

There will be some more exciting news to come later this month regarding the ongoing fund raising taking place over the summer, thanks to other local businesses. Although the crowd funder is closed, donations can be made directly to the project by contacting us on

Keep an eye on the new website for our regular updates and progress as well as our social media accounts.

Thank you again and we are looking forward to the next stage of the project.