Climate Emergency

Bude-Stratton Town Council declared a Climate Emergency on 5th September 2019. With an immediate threat to our environment and fragile location along the coast our way of life could be fundamentally changed. 

Taking action now is fundamental to limiting this damage. Our Climate Action Plan outlines how we will act. 

Mayor of Bude-Stratton Town Council comments: 

‘I believe that BSTC has been a responsible council. It has been doing its upmost to improve the environment under its own regulation for years. However, we recognise that we have a leadership role here and must support and encourage everyone in Bude-Stratton to become more climate conscious by responding urgently and effectively to the consequences of a changing climate.

Taking decisive action to confront the climate crisis will be a major challenge for every part of our society, but the benefits are huge warmer homes, less dependent on fossil fuels, cleaner air, a sustainable use of the world’s scarce resources, more connected communities, authentic values, and quality jobs in enterprises which can compete in a decarbonised world to name a few.

But we must face up to the scale of the challenge and respond accordingly. We all need to make changes. This is our start.’

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