Gwell - Bude's Community & Wellbeing Plan

Gwell means ‘better’ in the Cornish language.

Why is this document called ‘Better’?

Well, not least because the community prosperity and wellbeing plan for the Bude area is quite a mouthful! But more importantly, it’s called ‘Better’ because ultimately that is what it aims to deliver.


• It revises a previous Economic Plan for Bude – it aims to be better than that one.

• It acknowledges that we need to be better prepared to face coming environmental challenges.

• It aims to ensure that we are better able to seize economic opportunities.

• It sets a path for us to get better from the mental, physical, and economic impacts of Coronavirus.

• It acknowledges that we need to better reflect the diversity of our communities.

• It aims to deliver what we all want for our children and coming generations – a better future.

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