Town Council Meetings

Town Council meetings run throughout the year. Full Council is a monthly meeting for all Councillors where items are presented, debated and then resolved or rejected by the Councillors. The output of these meetings and the Committee meetings are what drives Council business.

In addition to Full Council there are six committees which cover a range of regular Council business. Each Councillor has the opportunity to become a member of any of the committees, each committee has either twelve or nine voting members.

Town Council Meetings are open to the Public and Press to attend and there is an item on each agenda for Public Participation where individuals may address the meeting. 

Full Council

Full Council meets once a month, ordinarily on the first Thursday at 6.00pm

All Town Councillors have a vote at Full Council which is chaired by the Mayor of Bude-Stratton Town Council – Councillor Bob Willingham, with Deputy Mayor Councillor Peter Moores as Vice-Chairman.

Operational Services Committee

This Committee takes responsibility for all the operational services of the Council, covering planting, grounds maintenance, and routine maintenance of assets. Including, public conveniences and play areas.

Meets: Approximately every two months.

Finance & Properties Committee

This Committee oversees the financial planning and stability of the Council, undertakes the corporate landlord function, controlling capital spending, major refurbishments and land use issues.

Meets: Once per month. 

Communities Committee

This Committee oversees the face to face services provided to the public, taking on the remit of all Heritage and Culture matters and the Library Service. It also oversees the operation of the Parkhouse Centre and Pitch and Putt facility.

Meets: Approximately every two months.

Planning Committee

This Committee resolves the Town Council’s response to Planning Applications passed on for consultation by Cornwall Council and deals with all matters involving the planning process and development of the Town.

Meets: Approximately every two weeks. 

Staffing Committee

This Committee has responsibility for all Staffing and Conduct matters (making recommendation to Full Council as necessary)

Meets: Usually a minimum of four times per year and additional meetings convened as and when required.

Climate Change & Environment Committee

This Committee is responsible for co-ordinating the Council’s response to the Climate Emergency. It will work with the Community to develop an Action Plan and then monitor and review its application.

Meets: Once per quarter.

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